Friday, 6 July 2007

Puppets on music videos

are always a good thing in my opinion. So when bengobaz mentioned the Lily Allen "Alfie" video in his blog, I searched on YouTube and had a look - and despite a previous mildly lukewarm (can you be very lukewarm about something?) opinion of her and her music, I quite liked the track as well. The video is just about long enough for it still to be cute but not too annoying:

I like this Interpol video too though it's a bit darker (well less humorous anyway):


londonmilk said...

"can you be very lukewarm about something?" That would be'tepid', wouldn't it?

Puppets in videos bring back memories of Flat Eric, and I can't decide whether this is good or bad.

howsoonisnow said...

Oooh - have always liked that Interpol video, it's very 'them'. New album is out digitally tomorrow, can't wait. Apparently twas in the shops today but as we know, physical media doesn't count.

Kathryn said...

We have it downloaded already, don't ask me where from but obviously illegally... However we are still backward enough to want to purchase the limited edition version on CD when it comes out. Rock and roll.