Thursday, 16 August 2007

Aimless wittering

So there are days when I feel on top of things, and days when my grasp on what's going on around me is sadly lacking. At the moment, for example, I'm writing this on the titchy qwerty keyboard on my new phone (Vodafone came good - ish - in the end) and entertaining a few random thoughts in my brain, including a lot of work stuff but also a snippet of a review of the new Harry Potter book I read the other day. In which the reviewer made much of JK Rowling's cliche-ridden style and derided the massively popular wizarding tales as literary rubbish. So all the way through composing this post, my cliche alert has been heightened. And you know what? It's bloody hard to write anything without reverting to some cliches. If you've read any books, newspaper articles or anything at all really, they seep into your brain and come out whenever fingers hit keyboard. There are at least 3 of them in this post already, or more, probably. Anyway, my fingers are getting numb so a post with more point next time. (I actually really enjoyed HP7, despite not really expecting to...)

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howsoonisnow said...

I wouldn't worry about cliches (having read my blog, you'll know I don't!). I think Jack Kerouac summed it up in 'Big Sur': "Cliches are truisms, and truisms are true".

On another note, I heard the sort of mental confusion you're talking about referred to as 'cognitive dissonance' recently, which I quite like - raises the state to something a bit more respectable, don't you think?