Tuesday, 18 September 2007

These are a few of my not-so-favourite things...

  • Cyclists who ride on the pavement and assume pedestrians will just skitter out of the way deferentially.
  • Pedestrians who stop dead in the middle of the street with no warning, especially when you're right behind them.
  • Train drivers (or more accurately, First Great Western timetable fiddlers who control where train drivers are going) who announce suddenly 'this train is now the fast service to Slough' when it was until a mere moment ago the stopping service to Maidenhead.
  • People who chew gum noisily, with their mouths open (or any gum chewers at all, in fact).
  • Royal Mail, especially their customer services department. If ever a department deserved to lose that title, they would be my first choice. Closely followed by Vodafone, of course.
  • Running out of screenwash just when your windscreen is full of dead flies.
  • Activex controls buggering up my Firefox browser. What's a dll file anyway?
  • And finally, blogging platforms where all of the commands when you've logged in have weirdly become German. I mean, what's that all about? What's a tastaturk├╝rzel when it's at home?

But on a positive note, the nights are drawing in, it's getting nippy in the evenings (time to bring the lime tree indoors) and that can mean only one thing.....Strictly Come Dancing is coming back on our screens again!!

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londonmilk said...

A moment of 'grumpy ol' man mood':

First Great Western. Now here's a company who don't have a clue about what they've been put on Earth for. I've had so many problems with them in the last year, from late trains to being fined for traveling with a fully valid ticket to trains not turning up at all 'due to staff shortage' (always on the same service funnily enough) that I now pay an extra £40 a month on my travel card to avoid them, and since (over 3 months now), I haven't been late for work once, and have managed to get home pretty much without problems. Figures...

Oh, and don't forget the excellent pointlessness of the BT customer service, who actually end up charging you for coming to check a fault of theirs that they refuse to aknowledge.

Rant over. Switching back to happy clappy life.