Thursday, 1 November 2007

Save our bacon

"Careless pork costs lives"

I'm not normally an advocate for reading the red tops, but this headline struck me as really quite witty. For the Sun. It heads an article with news of the World Cancer Research Fund report, saying that eating processed meat like pork sausages, bacon and ham boosts the risk of bowel cancer. Quite depressing really but good on the Sun for making a good headline out of it. (The Mirror's take was "Have a long, healthy and miserable life". Even more depressing.)


howsoonisnow said...

Is nothing sacred? You leave my bacon alone, nanny state! Next you'll be telling me to stop drinking so much wine... oh.

nigel said...

I agree Kathryn - a very witty headline. But that particular redtop's sub-editing pinnacle has to be their backpage on Inverness Caledonian Thistle's Scottish Cup turnover of Glasgow Celtic in 2000...

"Super Caley go ballistic. Celtic are atrocious."

I know it's a footy gag, but it's brilliant nevertheless!