Monday, 10 December 2007

The festive fun begins...

Friday night saw the start of the Christmas get togethers, marking the beginning of a weekend of pure indulgence, food-wise (though actually most of the indulgence was booze related....) And tonight it’s another Christmas outing, this time with the agency to Manicomio in Chelsea. So I’m preparing for more yummy Italian food and I would guess a few bottles of Amarone, as it’s my boss’s favourite wine.

Tapas and red wine in Windsor with work colleagues

Brunch: sausage sandwiches + HP sauce. Mmmm.
Early evening 'snack' in cocktail bar par excellence, Raoul's: chips, flatbread and hummous
Drinks: Westons Organic Cider x 2 bottles; Raspberry Collins x 2; Apple Martini x 1
Italian restaurant: half bottle of white; mussels in white wine sauce; bottle of Amarone; lamb steak, roast potatoes, veg; coffee
Pub: post-prandial pint of cider
Home: half glass of red (too sozzled to manage the whole glass. Ali tried to get through a can of Guinness when we got home, god knows why.)

Breakfast: Innocent smoothie (cranberry and raspberry) as hangover cure
Lunch: Half bowl sweet potato and corn soup; slice of sourdough bread
Afternoon: 3 glasses mulled wine; Stowford Press cider x 1 bottle; Rice snacks x at least 2/3 big bag. My hangover had obviously gone by this point!
Dinner: Roast chicken, roast potatoes and healthy green leafy veg
Treat: 1 Bendicks Bittermint

Points? Too many to even think of adding them all up. Pounds put on since last week – I think about 3. Gulp. But I did go to Body Balance on Sunday morning, so that makes me feel slightly better about myself. I wouldn’t recommend doing it with a hangover though, as some of the yoga poses made me feel distinctly dizzy and there were a few hairy moments when the queasiness threatened to overwhelm me while doing the 'Downward Facing Dog' pose...


LionStar said...

Right! This is the 3rd attempt to post! Sadly I'm alone at home on Friday night, waiting for His Lordship to return from Mexico, drinking red wine, listening to rocking Bollywood music (world music is my genre)...maybe it's not so sad. Downward Facing Dog is an achievement under any circumstances for Westerners. I've been doing it Ashtanga style for two months and it still Bravo to you on a hangover!!! Namaste.

Kathryn said...

We actually bought some world music at the weekend - a band called Tinariwen from Mali. Their album Aman Iman - Water is Life - is amazing!