Monday, 25 February 2008

Cupboard Love

I don't think I have got so excited about a piece of furniture since our bed was delivered from Lombok 3 and a half years ago. But on Saturday our new kitchen dresser arrived, and I can't stop looking at it and stroking it - very worrying I'm sure.
It is a beautiful thing though - we had it built to the measurements we wanted and we specified exactly what we needed it to do - play host to our cookbooks, glassware, and all the bowls, serving dishes and gadgets that used to reside in the kitchen units that were the most awkward to get at. There's also enough room on the top of the bottom cupboard bit to put nice things like flowers* and even use as a spare work surface if need be. It's made from reclaimed pine by the wonderful folks at Foxwood and I love it. It suits the space perfectly and what was a pretty empty wall space now seems homely and inviting without being too cluttered. Of course, it's taken us 18 months since we moved back in after doing the extension to be able to afford to buy any new furniture at all, so at this rate we might get a new dining table in 2010...

* thanks Ali for the last 6 years :o)

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