Thursday, 3 September 2009

Best band in the world. EVER.

I guess it seems a bit cheeky to break a long blogging silence by just posting a video and eulogising about how amazing Radiohead are. I sooooo wish we had managed to get day tickets to the Reading Festival on Sunday so we could have witnessed what by all accounts was a phenomenal set. Sadly the BBC only showed about a third of the tracks but what you can see on iPlayer is fantastic. Gemma especially seems to like it when the camera lingers on Jonny Greenwood. Perhaps it's the hair.

(update on 16th Sept - the video isn't available any more :o( but believe me it was awesome!)

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Big Mark 243 said...

A drive by comment ... thought you were talking about 'The Clash', who were after all, the only band that mattered!

But Radiohead is a fantastic group. So I will allow you a 'pass'!