Monday, 1 October 2007

Mumbling joyful shudders

There are some occasions when, for whatever reason, words just don't flow as well as they ought. My last cheesey post was one of these, I think primarily because I wrote it on Friday night on the train home from work, and it was in full anticipatory mode. Then of course I never got round to actually posting it up until yesterday, by which time I had to go back in and edit it so that the verbs were all in the past tense and I was writing about things which had happened rather than those I was looking forward to. Hence my dissatisfaction with how it comes across - I wish I'd just written something spontaneously after the event which captured the enjoyment of seeing our friends and eating and drinking all too well.

So. Mumbling over, onto the joy. Yes - Radiohead are releasing their new album, ripe and ready for download in only 10 short days, oh wonderfulness :) Plenty of other bloggers, mostly from the Guardian, are talking about the fact they are inviting folk to pay what they think it's worth for the album rather than setting a fixed price; so I won't also comment, other than to say that any true Radiohead fan should stump up at least a tenner. We have pre-ordered the full double CD with vinyl and book, plus access to the download, for £40. Well, you've got to really. We saw them in Blackpool last May where they played some tracks that are now on the album and so we know they're bloody good. Woo hoo!

Finally, the shuddering. Well, Nigella Lawson is ladling out mayonnaise on the telly. Nuff said.

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