Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Not one to reinvent the wheel

When somebody else has blogged on exactly the same topic I was planning to write about, I could go down the route of plagiarising their words shamelessly and hoping no-one would notice. However, I'd sooner spend the time blogging on my new gardening and knitting projects (I plan to take pictures at the weekend so I can do them justice) so I can't be arsed to spend ages on a post about the Eels concert we went to on Easter Sunday.

It was at the New Theatre in Oxford and was fantastic. Eels have a special place in mine and Ali's hearts as one of the first bands we bonded over in the early days of our courtship(!) but it was the first time we'd seen them live. Actually it was only Mark 'E' Everett and his mate The Chet on stage but I will hand over to this blogger on the Line of Best Fit to describe the experience in more detail, as the gig they played in Cambridge the following night sounds almost identical to the one in Oxford.

We're off to see Elbow next week and then that's it before 2 Radiohead gigs in 2 weeks in June - hooray!

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