Tuesday, 29 April 2008

a surprising discovery

I've been reading Non-Working Monkey's blog for a while now and this morning, while trawling my Bloglines feeds, I find out that NWM is in fact female. Why this should suprise me I don't know, but the writing style and complete don't give a shit air of all the posts really honestly led me to visualise a mid 40s male. Well, well. If I'd ever looked at her profile on Blogger I would of course have found this out by now, but it was one of the blogs recommended by another blogger which I just randomly added to my list of feeds and became hooked on. Well, you've got to be intrigued by someone whose interests are listed as:

Not working; idling; absinthe; small clay pipes; fezzes; Canada; veterinary pharmaceutical research pathology; autopsies; haematology rock; beavers; moose; Pierre Trudeau; armchairs; wrestling; squirrel pest control; cake.

Another caustic blogger is Decorno, whose blog Vodka has no Carbs I have just found and which is brilliant, containing as it does a LOT of swearing.


Ali said...

I don't often stray far from my blogging confort zone, but NWM - brilliant! Thanks so much for the link.

blackbird said...

Thanks for the tips, I'll check out their blogs. By the way I enjoy yours.