Monday, 25 August 2008

20 weeks 5 days

Belly has been growing quite a lot this last week I think. Last week I wore a pair of pre-pregnancy hipster linen trousers and they fit fine underneath my bump, held up by a belt on notch 2 (I was on notch 4 pre-pregnancy). The other day at work I put them on and I was *really* uncomfortable all day, they were digging into me and I either had to pull them down a bit to sit just below my hips (and run the risk of them falling down altogether) or put up with the digging. Belt went to notch 1 as well. *Sigh*.

Although, someone at work referred to me as 'glowing' last week which, while very flattering, is not wholly true... I've been tired all week this week, although I had thought I'd got over the fatigue of the early weeks; and I'm not getting rid of the spots on my chin at all. It seems I am forever destined to be a bit spotty - I haven't had the bad painful ones like I sometimes got before, but I've not yet had a totally blemish-free complexion. Still, as symptoms go I could have had a whole lot worse so I should be grateful for small mercies... Spots vs. vomiting? No contest.

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