Sunday, 31 August 2008

Mellow yellow

Despite my plans for a border full of reds, purples and oranges, this year the garden's most successful showings have been distinctly yellow tinged.
The coreopsis that mysteriously appeared from nowhere, has bloomed right through from early June and is still going strong;

the sunflowers have also done well (though I like the 'Ruby Eclipse' ones the best which are dark red with a yellow edge to the petals, and will certainly be planting those again next year);

the rudbeckia is looking good;

and even the hypericum, which I don't normally have very strong feelings for, had a fantastic show in late June and appears to be coming through for a second blooming around now.

I'm also really pleased with the osteospermum bought at the end of May to replace the tulips in the big green pot on the patio. Like the coreopsis, it's flowered constantly since then with nothing but a bit of dead heading to help it along its way. The blooms are a lovely colour - a faded yellow colour with pinky-lilac centres - and the foliage has remained a good glossy dark green all summer.

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