Tuesday, 9 September 2008

22 weeks 6 days

Had a lovely lunch yesterday with my friend Lynsey, mother to Lily who's 5 months. She's on maternity leave at the moment and it was great to catch up, indulge in some work gossip and listen to her experiences of motherhood and recommendations for prams and the like. Currently I'm indecisive between the Quinny Buzz and a Bugaboo, but to be honest I haven't really test driven either properly or even looked at the alternatives so it's still very much up in the air. Lily was a sweetie at lunch, good as gold with some winning smiles and gently hiccuping at one point. Apparently you can tell if the baby's hiccuping inside you but the movements I can feel are still quite indistinct and irregular so it's hard to tell. Funny, though.

Bump has grown a bit, though miraculously (to me) I'm still finding some people I see every day who still hadn't realised I was pregnant. I am actually now exactly the same weight I was this time last year, before I started to cut out the mid-week alcohol and too much bread, except obviously the weight was previously distributed in plenty more areas than just mid-belly.

A decision has been made about the spare room too. We're not going to bother re-painting (or rather, we can't be arsed). Its current blue is a lovely colour and if we have a girl I'm sure she'll get given enough pink fluffy things to make it not matter in the slightest. Our bigger priorities at the moment are a) getting me a new car that has 5 doors rather than 3; b) sorting out some furniture for the baby's room as well as some proper curtains and c) getting the ground prepared at the end of our garden and slabs put down in preparation for a new shed. After all, less than 4 months to go now! <drums nails on table nervously> and there's nothing a baby needs more than a good shed, obviously :)


Laura Dale said...

I'd highly recommend the Jane Slalom Pro..... although if I lived in a town I wouldn't need the pneumatic tyres as much I suppose (some prams look a very bumpy ride!!). It's great, althought their car seats seem a bit too upright when actually in the car for a tiny floppy headed baby. Otherwise, it's great. Bugaboos seem the 'in' thing at the moment round here. Glad everything going well. Freddie now walking, well running, everywhere! x

Jo Houghton said...

Hi Kathryn! Fantastic news about the sprog. When Nige told me I was over the moon for you both.

I feel like a bit of an old hand at this now but really, I'm still only nine months in and learning all the time! Eighteen months ago, I'd never have said I'd give up work to look after a baby but here I am, loving (almost) every minute of my time with Dylan and doing just that!

Be eternally grateful you've missed out on the sickness! It was - thankfully - the only side effect I had but it was a vile experience.

Also, on the plus side of upping the iron content: I ate tons of fish and greens, etc throughout the pregnancy. Not only is Dyl strong as an ox, he also LOVES his veg and salmon's a real favourite! Not a bad place to be for a 9 month old!

Big love and I hope it all continues to go well for you.