Monday, 16 April 2007

First good intention slipping a bit

A whole 11 days since my last post (though to be fair I did do 2 at once on 5th April). It's not even as if nothing has happened in the last 11 days, as there's been Easter, a week at work, and a nice sunny weekend with friends since then, so lots to write about.
I think my blogging style is going to become a bit of a mish mash of diary-style entries and random musings. No different from the millions of other blogs out there then, I hear you cry, but at least I won't be trying to shoehorn myself into a particular theme or topic each time I post. As my Blog roll signifies, I can loosely group my favourite blogs by topic - books, music, e-commerce and 'misc' but it's always the ones by the individuals that I know, posting about their lives, that I read first in the morning above all others. Maybe one day someone will add me to their list of favourites, who knows, but until that day I'll blog on in (relative) anonymity.

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