Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Good Intention #2

So, last night I went with Nerys to a Body Balance class at the leisure centre in Abingdon. I started the year with a desire to tone up and get fit, as the post-Christmas flabbiness was getting a little out of control. So I bought a Yogalates DVD and probably did it about 5 or 6 times before petering out mid-February. It did, however, make me feel more toned and less slump-y so I've been meaning to pick it up again, though never quite getting round to it (good intention, poor execution).
When Nerys said she had been to a couple of these classes and did I want to go with her each week, it seemed like a great way to keep motivated and keep going. They are a mix of yoga, pilates, t'ai chi, and something called Feldenkrais (no, me neither) and while slightly different to the DVD I've got - not as much focus on the correct breathing, and no resistance band to tone arms etc - it was still well worth it, if only for the realisation that I'm not quite as inflexible as I thought I was. Long may it continue! (though the music was a bit varied in quality, I hope they get rid of Snow Patrol on the tape next time). I may even do a proper yoga class as well if I get any good.

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