Friday, 20 April 2007

Garden inventory - back garden #1

My plan is to list everything that grows in the front and back garden, update with pictures, and keep updating when I a) find out what some of the plants are that are currently a mystery and b) plant anything new or remove anything. Hopefully in time there will be a seasonal diary showing all the blooming and fading.

Starting with the back garden, then, and the pots on the patio. We have:
  • 2 pots of tulips, variety tbc. One is pretty much over and one has only just started flowering
  • 1 pot of unknown (I can't remember what I put in it and it hasn't flowered yet)
  • 1 pot of tete-a-tete
  • 1 small lime tree, currently a bit sappy on the leaves (a gift from Susan)
  • an old belfast sink planted up with thyme, sage and oregano
  • 1 pot of mint, to try and avoid it taking over the garden
  • 1 mini bay tree (more like a sprig)
  • 1 red dipladenia (a gift from Pete and Latifa last year, I really hope it flowers again this year)

Plan for this weekend is to take some pictures and post them up, also to catalogue the rest of the garden.

(Update 23/04/07 - pictures taken - can you guess which one Ali took on his snazzy digital SLR? Rest of the garden is work in progress...)

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