Monday, 21 July 2008

15 weeks 5 days

When these posts go live (when I'm brave enough to publish them that is) hopefully they'll seed themselves into the right order in the calendar. I thought it was time to start blogging my increasing bump though!

First off, pics (the only ones so far, until Ali starts snapping my bump progress that is):

The posts themselves will be short and sweet, but a bit more regular than the mammoth updates I've done recently. So, today was the first day I wore official maternity clothing. Thanks to the generosity of Alison the Isabella Oliver trousers were soooo comfy. I'm tempted never to take them off.

I also had a mild panic and googled whether my stinking cold (acquired in Amsterdam at the weekend) could harm the baby. Apparently as long as I don't take any drugs to mitigate the symptoms it's all fine. So my nose is alternately running and bunged up and I have a hacking cough. Getting lots of sympathy at work, though...

Second midwife appointment on Wednesday so I'll blog more then.

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