Monday, 28 July 2008

16 weeks 5 days

Bought some maternity clothes on Friday. I have to say it was a most unexciting shopping trip. Normally spending £200 on clothes would please me enormously but all the stuff I bought is very dull - the jeans in particular are hideous from the hips up, with lots of fabric panels and extendable buttons on elastic and the like. The fact they come up beyond my waist, Simon Cowell-style, is particulary noisome. Still at least they look OK from the bum down, and I can wear a top to cover the horrid bits. The next dilemma is what to do with the pile of ironing upstairs - it's full of stuff I can't get into any more. Should I pack it all away and forget about it til next March? Or, and sadly this is the likelier option, should I do it so I can stop it niggling away at me? Maybe I should wait til my 'nesting' instinct kicks in at 37 weeks.

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